Straight talk from the D.C. Auditor

And the winner is...

Published March 24, 2020

Meet 3-month-old Adura, daughter of ODCA Human Resources Specialist Lachelle Rogers. Our auditors took some great selfies, but no one could hold a candle to this little nugget. She obviously needed mama’s help to take a selfie, which is titled, “If Socially-Distant Was a Baby.” Adura definitely has a “don’t-come-within-6-feet-of-me-or-I’ll-start-crying,” look. She’s tiny and sweet, but fierce. She won our hearts and our contest.

Here are some of the other members of ODCA’s mobile workforce, sharing their remote spaces while holding the D.C. Auditor fort.

Stay home.
Stay safe.
Wash your hands.

Our chief social distancer

Well-caffeinated, industrious, and sanitized!

My telework was momentarily interrupted to respond to this important telegraph we received from a 7-year-old neighbor. Responding in rainbow order with reference to coronavirus playdate protocol was required. As I can’t think of a better summary of our conditions or internal controls right now, here is Ione’s friend, Roopa’s, letter. 

Week one down…how many more to go??

Professional skepticism?

#distant from people but close to this yellow bush: at least it feels like spring! Teleworking from my parents’ house in Virginia.

How I feel in the midst of a reconciliation marathon (produced by my 5-year-old daughter).

“Function in disaster, finish in style.”

Socially distant, praying, and staying calm.

I didn’t actually work outside, but since selfies are supposed to be aspirational…#porchworking social distant-style.

Am I doing this right?

[you did good, Josh! :)]

I was able to survive this week. Thank you all!


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