ODCA Staff

Emmanuel Lopez

Associate Data Scientist, Public Safety

As associate data scientist, Emmanuel is responsible for performing data analysis and providing guidance on methodologies and practices during an audit.

Before joining ODCA in 2023, Emmanuel was a real estate and economic development consultant at ECONorthwest, where he refined his abilities in data analytics, problem solving and project management with local and state governments across the West Coast.

Previously, Emmanuel was a program analyst at Fair Trade USA and a CivicSpark Fellow, an Americorps program dedicated to addressing climate change through local government efforts. Through these programs, he learned to become a more effective analyst and round his understanding of the built environment and social issues to better create impact in those spaces.

Emmanuel earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and economics from University of California San Diego, and a Master’s degree in city planning from UC Berkeley with a focus on housing, community, and economic development.

When not staring at a computer screen and performing some kind of analysis, Emmanuel likes to dance, make music, go hiking with his wife and dog, and play board games with his friends.



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