ODCA Staff

Waddah Kittab

Senior IT Specialist

Waddah is responsible for ODCA IT hardware and software infrastructure, including workstations, servers, virtual environment, network switches and routers, auditing applications, streamlining agency operations, processes automation, and optimization, as well as research and development for technology utilization in all ODCA IT projects.

Before joining ODCA in 2018, Waddah was chief information officer for the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA), where he was responsible for BEGA’s IT hardware and software infrastructure and designed new applications and performed business analysis for process automation.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Babylon University in Iraq, a Master’s degree in information systems from Sadams University in Iraq, and a Master’s degree in Cyber Security from Howard University in Iraq.

When not working to improve the economy, efficiency, and accountability of the District government, Waddah enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering with Early Childhood Child Find, a service that identifies children with potential special education needs and educates the community about child development and the importance of early intervention.



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